How to take calculated risks in sales and achieve success?

Having a high level of sales motivation will allow you to take more risks in sales. The good thing is that if you are more willing to take risks in sales, you’re more likely to achieve a higher level of sales growth and success. In fact, sales persons and managers who regularly perform at a higher level have certain similarities. The key is being committed to their success. They have a passion for their profession, have clear goals about what to achieve and are more comfortable taking risks than most. Eventually, their ability to take intelligent risks is the foremost quality that leads to their success. This is in fact an essential determinant in anybody’s level of achievement.

You take risks in a lot of ways.  As a salesperson, when you call on a different type of customer than that with which you have become comfortable, you take a risk.  For example, when you call on the Chief Financial Officer of a business instead of just the production supervisor, you’ve stepped out of your comfort zone and taken a risk.

Basically, motivation is an important factor that contributes to taking more risks. However, with daily or monthly quotas bearing down, it can be difficult for managers to think differently and encourage their sales staff to take an innovative approach with customers. Hence, they fail to develop the qualities needed to take intelligent risks. In such cases, an innovative sales training program can help salespeople to develop their competences and therefore be more motivated to take calculated risks in sales. For example: Sales Academy provides engaging sales training courses which employees can apply to their daily jobs. Taking initiatives for better training can prove to be a good source of motivation, leading sales professionals to indulge in risk-taking for sales growth.

Here are some tips for calculated risk-taking:


  • Trust your gut

It’s not a good idea to wait until you’re completely sure before taking a decision. Sometimes, complete certainty comes too late and waiting for that would mean that you could lose on great opportunities. Hence, trusting your instincts is the way to go. For instance: it may happen that your team doesn’t find your idea a good one. But if you feel that the timing is right and everything is set up to achieve successful results, you should take the risk and move forward with your idea. The market may end up responding positively.


  • Ask for help

Sometimes, your ideas will require skills or knowledge outside of your areas of expertise. In such cases, seeking help is a good thing to do. It’s important to drop the fear that asking for help will lessen you in the eyes of your colleagues since that attitude leads to failure. Asking for help to your superior or colleague is always a good thing to do in order to ensure that you are doing things right.


  • Turn Negativity into Positive energy

It’s inevitable to get the feeling of fear, stress, and uncertainty when taking a risk. The key is to use these emotions as motivators, rather than allow them to drain your energy. Hence, take it as a challenge to go ahead with your idea. It is important to remind yourself that progress won’t happen without taking a step forward into the unknown.


  • Differentiate yourself

Sometimes, following the crowd won’t take you anywhere. It’s critical to stand alone and step out of your comfort zone. Sales professionals must make sure to understand their customers, figure out what their needs are, and then think outside the box to come up with solutions. Such attitude will indulge some risks as you are not following what others are doing. But, at the same time, customers will find you creative and hence they will be more likely to respond positively.


  • Be realistic

It is important not to mistake risk for recklessness. Before you proceed with a new idea, check whether it’s a reasonable one. You might consider to run ideas by people who you know have your best interests in mind. The key is to do enough homework so that you’re confident your idea will have a better chance of success than failure.



The thing with taking risks in sales is that some of those risks will turn out well, while others will become failures.  Nevertheless, the simple act of trying something different and new will help you. It will allow you to gain confidence in your abilities, and you’ll learn from both your successes as well as your failures.