You need to make more breakthroughs

Your sales team need to get more meetings and close more deals.[/embedyt]

Sales expert Alan Faulk is an experienced sales director, and knows the challenge: as teams get bigger and new people join, how can you be confident all of your team will generate enough good meetings, and then have the ability to close more deals?

The way to take control of your sales performance future is by making sure your team are sufficiently trained, and know the relevant best practices needed to excel in their job.

Best practice sales training underpins your product training

Best practice sales training should complement in-house training, because the more time and energy you can spend on teaching product knowledge, the better.

There are important benefits that come from knowing the generally accepted best practice sales methods. It builds up more confident sales professionals, who will pick up product sales training faster, and generate better results.  

For example, understanding how a procurement process works, or how to do industry research, will get more meetings. Learning about techniques for negotiating and overcoming objections can help close more deals

Role-Based Learning

Sales training is a big field: how to identify DMU, develop an accurate forecast, how to be seen as expert, gain referrals, cold/warm calling, listening actively, reframe, storytell, turn a "no" into "yes" , BATNA, ZOPA …

You need options. Internal Sales staff do not need the same skills and learning plans as outside Sales. Through Role-Based Learning, your staff should be trained based on what is important for their role. Learning will be more relevant, and therefore more engaging, and that is without doubt the fastest way to real results.

Role-Based Learning is often based on a competence model where requirements per role are decided. That can be a lengthy exercise, however an external Training Provider may have a Mastery Model with standard sales roles already pre-defined, reducing development of your own model to a matter of hours. 

Not all e-learning is equal

Most corporate e-learning is basic, and can only be used as a pre-read for classroom training. In recent times, powerful new types of e-learning have become available for corporations. Such e-learning is radically different:

  • More effective AND more engaging than classroom learning!
  • Scenario-based lessons helping learners apply what they learn.

That is a game changer. As a sales director, you can now upskill your staff to expert level; quickly and on a large scale, at a fraction of the price, yet with a higher learning effect than classroom. 

Course Demo Videos

Sales negotiation Serious Game
Concession Strategy - The Negotiation -Sales Strategy
Setting Smart Goals - Sales Strategy- Sales Academy
Goals for Effective Negotiation - Sales Training
Closing Techniques - Backward Planning - Sales Training
Gaining Clarity- Sales Training

Measurable results 

Unlike traditional learning, the effect of digital learning can be measured. 

Providers should have a dashboard which helps managers make comparisons, see feedback, and understand various types of results, such as:

  • Which learners are running ahead of, or behind, schedule? 
  • Is your staff engaged? Do they find the courses relevant? 
  • Does your staff apply what they learn in their work? After all that is what you are paying for.

Monitoring the exact progress of learners in taking assigned courses.

Collecting data in real time, about how learners are engaging with the courses.

Feedback about whether learners are finding the lessons relevant, and using them in their work.

Certification: motivating and benchmarking

For your staff, a certification system acknowledges their hard work and rewards learning. For them, it is an extra motivational factor and external benchmark.

For you, the certification will be an internal and external benchmark. In addition, many sales directors view their corporate academy as an important tool to attract and retain the best people, who are often motivated by the opportunity to learn.

Proven track record

Over the last decade, we have gained the trust of more than 170 blue-chip companies, providing them with high quality and cost-effective training solutions for their global workforce.

Frequently Asked Questions


Many types of sales training exist for individuals, but having a corporate academy brings many important advantages to both learners and organizations.

A good corporate academy is an affordable way to get high quality training, designed for the specific roles in your corporation, and given in a non-academic way. It means your team will all speak the same language. It also means that you can track and compare the progress of team members.

Of course!

From 1 day to 6 weeks depending on customization

Depending on the number of learners, your own academy will cost 200 – 600€/USD per learner, to access the largest catalog in market with high-impact e-learning more effective than classroom! For more than 1000 learners, call us.

Off course. We will take care of the generic best sales practices, using e-learning that is fun and more effective than classroom training. We can add your documents to the Academy, which your people can access anytime anywhere. We still recommend you to complement those with virtual or face-to-face classes.

Good learning, including well-made lesson learning, should be enjoyable! This makes lesson understanding faster and better. To improve retention, second generation e-learning often blends learning formats such as simulations, serious games and micro-learning.