Ask the right Questions

Spending your sales appointments giving a lecture about your product and how great it is means that you are using a presentation style that will be likely to cost you a lot of sales. A more efficient approach is to ask questions that draw your prospect out. You can end up getting your prospects to do all the selling for you if you ask the right questions. Doing so will also allow you to learn a lot about what the prospect wants from your product - which means you can focus your presentation on just those points that will sell most effectively.

Asking the right questions is in fact at the heart of effective communications and information exchange. By using the right questions in a particular situation, sales people can improve a whole range of communications skills. Developing effective questioning skills requires practice and concentration. Through its courses, sales academy makes sure that you are able to master the art of asking the right question which enables a sales person to uncover their prospect’s needs in the most effective manner.

Our courses are designed to provide the learner with skills and knowledge to:

  • perform beginner levels questioning activities such as creating relevant industry and organization-specific questions to build rapport with prospective and existing clients.
  • distinguish between open and closed-ended questions and develop specific open-ended questions to use during client interactions.
  • maximize relationships by identifying challenges.
  • conduct questioning by validating their position.

The right sales questions need to be asked in every stage of the sales process:

  • In the warm-up: you use sales questions to get the prospect to relax and open up.
  • In the needs analysis: you will use open-ended sales questions to have them explain their challenges. That tells you what you need to do.
  • In the demonstration: you need to use alternate of choice sales questions to make sure they see value in each of the benefits you offer.
  • In the pre-close: you can use tie-down sales questions as test closes
  • In the close: you can use tie-down sales questions and alternate of choice sales questions to funnel them down to the final decision

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