Your Competence Model

The most effective competence development methodology is role-based training. This structured and segmented approach to training, will enable you to train your sales staff to perform as required for their role.

Sales Academy has developed a best-in-class competence model that can easily and quickly be adapted to meet individual customer's expectations. Working together with you, our operations team will review and adjust the sales roles, competencies and required proficiency levels to make sure that they are perfectly aligned with the needs of your business. No lengthy or expensive consulting track, but a fast and effective process that will allow you to set up a tailored competence model in just a matter of days.

Your Learning Plans

Once the competence model has been agreed, Sales Academy will propose a set of learning plans, one for each Sales role. If needed, these plans can be further adjusted. Courses can be added or removed, and in-company or third party materials can be added to the program.
Typically, a role-based learning plan will span a 2 to 3 year period of regular training. At the end of the in-depth competence development program, successful learners receive a valuable certificate that formally recognizes their efforts and the progress they have made.

Learner Assessment & Gap Analysis

Companies and organizations that do not wish to assign a standard learning plan to all learners performing the same role (e.g. all senior sales people), can opt for individual learning plans, based on an in-depth assessment and gap analysis.
For this individual assessment, Sales Academy offers 3 options to identify learning needs:

1. A pioneering, objective online quiz consisting of multiple-choice questions.
2. An online self-appraisal, in which individuals assess their own competencies.
3. A traditional assessment, through a consultant.

The online assessment is particularly effective in large organizations with geographically dispersed sales teams. It provides a consistent and structured analysis that results in a  training plan for each individual in a team.
Based on our findings, and your requirements for each position (role) in the company, we develop a gap analysis for each team member. This will provide a clear profile for every individual showing levels of proficiency and areas of development across competences.

Management Reporting

We can also provide you with detailed overviews of the competences levels of your sales force per region, per team, per level in the company etc.
This skills gap analysis can really benefit an organization by providing a critical overview of the workforce, allowing managers to determine if their employees have the necessary skills to meet organizational objectives. Completing a skills gap analysis also allows organizations to stay on top of employee development, channel their resources effectively and adapt to future skills demands.

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