Convince the Audience

Sales people put a lot of work into getting that all-important sales call with a buyer. Once a prospective client has agreed to meet, then it's time to start creating the sales presentation that will convince him to buy. The presentation is the one opportunity that the sales person will have to shine in front of his audience.

In fact, the quality of your sales presentation will often determine whether a prospect buys from you or one of your competitors. No ultimate solution exists for crafting a great sales presentation. Different salesperson delivers different pitch and tones which can help make any message resonate better with a specific audience. With a good sales training program, this skill can definitely be improved.

If done well after proper training, a sales presentation can help build a connection with potential customers and distinguish your business from competitors. It is likely to set the tone for all the conversations that will happen as the sales process progresses. However, many of today’s sales presentations don’t account for all the variables required to truly connect with a target audience. This is why training is needed to boost your sales team performance and Sales Academy has in place the proper method to do so through its innovative e-learning program.

The course topics include:

  • Presenting Fundamentals - an introductory course on the fundamental concepts of presenting. It teaches how to refine a sales presentation by using an introduction, body, and conclusion with relevant information to reinforce the presentation.
  • Establishing Value - an intermediate level course intended to provide learners with the core skills necessary to effectively perform presenting.
  • Using Aids (Materials) - a practically oriented course designed to provide learners with real-time skills necessary to perform presenting skills at a high level by using aids.
  • Building Compelling Stories - an advanced level course designed to help learners develop the precise skills necessary to conduct presenting by building compelling stories.

Demo Videos: