Negotiation: Getting to an Agreement

Negotiation undoubtedly plays a big role in the sales process. It is important that negotiation points are included in your preparation for every sales presentation. The goal is to come up with points that will win you business, and be acceptable to your company.

Hence, the art of negotiation is as important a business skill as it ever has been. Why is negotiation important? Having strong negotiation skills can make difference between a beneficial compromise and a loss. Indeed, whether you are working with prospects or established customers, for most sales people negotiation is a very real component of the buying process.

In fact, successful negotiation does not only mean meeting your clients in the middle between your price and theirs; it actually involves creative thinking, addressing issues standing in their way, building a stronger relationship, and more. If sales people want to negotiate, they should have:

  • Interpersonal skills, the right attitude, and the right approach.
  • An understanding of the negotiation process and key strategies

Such skills can be learnt and applied effectively if a good training course is provided. These competencies are crucial if you want your salespeople to close the best deals for you. Sales Academy provides you with the most applicable and efficient training to up your game as far as negotiation is concerned.

Sales Academy’s courses are designed to:

  • provide learners the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively perform beginner level activities such as defining interests and priorities for both parties.
  • teach learners how to assess the differences between both parties in the negotiation and develop strategies to propose mutually beneficial solutions.
  • develop the skills necessary to maximize relationships by making concessions.
  • provide learners with real-time skills necessary to perform negotiation skills at a high level by establishing goals.

Walking Away - an advanced level course designed to help learners develop the precise skills necessary to conduct negotiation by walking away.

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