Maximize Sales with these impactful E-learning tools

Your sales team has the ability to either improve or disrupt your bottom line. Hence, providing them with the skills and knowledge they need, is the best initiative you can take, even when they’re scattered around the globe. In today’s evolving and competitive markets, online training can help you make a difference in terms of competitive advantage and engaging training solutions.

In fact, digitization has reshaped learning to a great extent and it has revolutionized traditional learning into a much a deeper and interactive approach. A report by Docebo E-learning market trends & forecast 2014 – 2016 showed that the growth of the e-learning industry has been up to 900% since the year 2000 and according to Ambient Insight 2012 – 2017 Worldwide Mobile Learning Market, 42% of companies said that e-learning has led to an increase in revenue. More and more global organizations are opting for e-learning solutions to train their employees due to its practicality, flexibility and accessibility.

Indeed, E-learning technology has proven to be a versatile and powerful tool which can be used to set up and monitor your sales online training initiatives. For instance: from measuring sales performance to enhancing customer communications, sales online training programs can highly empower sales teams and keep them on top of their game.

Here are some e-learning tools which can significantly improve the performance of your sales team:

  • Scenario-based video training

Scenario-based e-learning usually works best when applied to tasks requiring decision-making and critical thinking in complex situations. Therefore, it is well-adapted for sales training where employees need to have a proactive approach. Such training allows learners to experience situations which they will eventually face in their working environment. In this way, the training prepares them to effectively apply what they have learnt and make the best decisions based on best practices at the right moment.

For instance: through the scenario-based videos, salespeople can learn how to deal with customers and negotiate properly to close the best deals. Hence, they are better prepared to face any challenges and can effectively respond to such situations with the right skills and knowledge. Besides, scenarios also enable your sales reps to handle customer objections in a very effective manner.

  • Gamification 

Sales is a field which can get very competitive. People who have a knack for sales, are usually enticed by competitive challenges. Gamification is a great training tool to bring some competition in e-learning. Through the leader boards, badges and notifications, salespeople will be inspired to compete between each other while training. Therefore, such training allows to become leaders in their jobs.

  • Multimedia tools

Numerous studies and surveys have shown that multimedia in e-learning, such as images and video, not only engage the learners but also help them to actually remember what they’ve learned. Research cited in a report by Michelle Chau mentions a number of examples of how interactive learning tools, such as e-books, lead to improved knowledge retention.

Research has shown that the use of e-books that contained sound effects, music, audio narration, and images were able to retain and recite more information than those who were simply given traditional textbooks. Webinars are also very effective for training purposes. Through such solutions, salespeople are more likely to be engaged in their training, thus leading to higher completion rates.

  • Micro-learning

It has been proven that people tend to learn and retain better when they receive the learning materials in small modules. Innovative solutions such as micro-learning helps to break training down into more manageable bite-sized chunks. Thus, while delivering training in small chunks, sales teams are provided with a more flexible approach towards learning.

Benefits of online sales training:

  1. Easy to use: It is certain that any salesperson, no matter what their level of experience, can learn from an online sales training programs
  2. Interactivity: Many online training provide the option to ask questions which are answered in real time. Through online sales training programs, anyone can be trained at any location.
  3. Instant access: Accessibility is one of the major advantages of e-learning. Online training programs are available to learners all day, every day, throughout the year. With just one click, employees can log in and start learning whenever they have the time and from wherever they are located!
  4. Customization of training process: online sales training programs can be custom-made according to the company’s requirements. Material can be created and added to customize training for the organization.
  5. Flexibility: Through online sales training programs, employees are able to access their training courses from a variety of devices wherever and whenever they want to learn on the go. They should be able to log in and learn any time.
  6. Accountability: Online training programs provide you with tracking and reporting tools. This enables the management to see how their employees are progressing at a glance. Through general statistics which can be viewed and broken down, it is easier to determine if progress is made or not.


Sales training usually involves a number of challenges, such as a dispersed global sales team or different hours of working for different sales team. This can be solved with e-learning solutions. If applied effectively, an innovative e-learning program can contribute to measurable sales growth. Training should be viewed as a continuous process, not as a single event and e-learning makes it easier to make training a non-stop process.

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