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Learning Journey

We focus on developing practical skills through the application of real-life and scenario-based exercises. Our functional courses, designed by practitioners and cognitive science experts, are optimized to deliver workable solutions to actual problems arising from everyday experiences.

  • Applied Cognitive Load Theory
  • Variety of Course Formats
  • Learning Management System
  • World-class Customer Support Team

Cognitive Load Theory applied to corporate eLearning

To maximize knowledge retention, all of our learning materials are designed in accordance with the Cognitive Load Theory. Thanks to this approach we can be sure that every information we want to convey reaches its recipient at the right pace and level of complexity.

  • Complex ideas broken down into simple, easily absorbable concepts.
  • Auditory and visual elements help retain information and reduce working memory load.
  • Content cognitively adjusted to fit natural learning patterns.

A wide choice of course formats and languages to get the best learning results

Take full advantage of our vast range of learning formats. Your employees can acquire skills at their own pace, in a language of their choice to maximize results and make their learning journey as enjoyable as possible.

High impact eLearning

Our unique approach uses cognitive load theory to increase effectiveness using materials that enable greater retention of the information presented.

Refresher courses

An avenue for continual learning and retention. Providing summaries of previous material, these are reminders for learners that solidify concepts.


These use real-life scenarios to ask learners questions about what they would do in that scenario in order to check their ability to apply what they have learned.

Expert Reviews

Experts describe problems, providing relevant facts and information. Next, the learner supplies an answer about how they would handle the problem.


Two-minute videos with reminders of key points that close by providing a challenge to apply the learning in a specific, real-world situation.


Various formats of assessment to determine what the learner has retained. Exams must be passed to demonstrate mastery of a skill.

Application-based tasks

Projects that ask learners to implement what they have learned throughout their training program that serve as a real-world final exam.

Serious games

Simulations or games that use ‘branching’ for complex problem simulations. They allow learners to practice their skills in a risk-free environment in a fun way.

Webinar toolkit

Step-by-step guide to ensure internal facilitators can effectively conduct webinars on vital topics.  Toolkits include a guide that highlights all key learning points, questions to ask, goals of the virtual classroom, as well as a “train the trainer” meeting.

Training made simple via our Learning Management System

All training materials, shaped according to your employee’s individual learning plan, are available on our user-friendly online Learning Management System and they can be accessed at any time and from any device. Learners can also broaden their knowledge with carefully curated articles, materials, templates and whitepapers.

Our world-class Customer Support Team is here to help you

While our platform is designed for comfort and simplicity of use, our multilingual Customer Support Team is here to answer any questions and solve any problems you and your employees might encounter. With a single point of contact for each individual learner and dynamic support for coordinators, senior leaders and managers, we make sure that every learning journey is engaging, efficient and valuable for every user.

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