Million Dollar Habits every Sales Professionals Must Develop

Good sales can be compared to a good relationship: both partners need to get something positive out of it. Leaving your sales prospects feeling uninspired and not motivated to take the next step only means that you are not ahead of your sales game. Hence, if you feel like you’re missing out on a lot of sales and your sales team is not closing enough deals, take a look at this article as it might be what you need right now.

Some people are effective in sales due to their great personality. They are natural born story tellers and seem to know all the secrets for sales growth. Any sales manager would give anything to get someone like this in their sales team, right? However, there are also many sales people are successful at selling because they’ve worked at it arduously and at the same time cultivate winning habits. So what are these habits? Do all good sales people use these habits?

Brian Tracy’s book Million Dollar Habits outlines seven key selling habits you must develop as a sales expert. These habits are prospecting, establishing rapport, identifying needs, presenting solutions, answering objections, closing the sale and getting resales and referrals. The respective order needs to be followed. Regularly taking these seven elements of the sales process into consideration, and how each of them could be improved, is the key to boosting your sales and profitability.


  1. Identify ideal customers

It is important to spend more time with people who are better prospects if you want to have success in sales. The key lies in prospecting and looking for new business most of the time. In other words, prospecting should take up most of your day until you have so many customers that you don’t have enough time left to sell and satisfy all the people who want to buy from you.


  1. Emphasize on relationships

The second habit is to focus on the relationship before anything else. Important elements to take into account are: establishing rapport, trust and credibility with each prospect from the very first contact. The most efficient salespeople know how important it is to take as much time as necessary to establish trust with a client. Asking relevant questions and listening closely to the answer are important factors for this step. It is in fact all about understanding the client’s situation and needs before they make any attempt to talk about their product or service.


  1. Recognize needs clearly

Another winning habit of top salespeople is that they are always asking questions and identifying the real needs of the prospect relative to what they’re selling. The thing is, most prospects do not know that they can improve their life or work situation when they first meet you. In fact, this is the main reason prospects say things like, “I’m not interested,” or “I can’t afford it,” etc. Hence, the more you probe into the buyer’s situation with multiple questions, and the more you link your product to those needs, the more open the client becomes to learn more about your product or service and eventually buying it.


  1. Present persuasively

The fourth habit is all about making outstanding, logical, well-thought presentations of the fea­tures and benefits of your product or service. Once you have identified a prospect who can benefit from what you sell, it is essential to build a level of trust and identify their needs clearly. In fact, the presentation is your best chance to show the customer why it makes perfect sense for them to act on your recommendations.


  1. Answer objections effectively

In selling, it is critical to know how to answer objections and resolve concerns in a confident, competent manner. This is done by contemplating on all the objections that a qualified prospect might make, then develop logical, relevant answers to each of these objections to prepare yourself when they come up. Most of the successful sales professionals have developed completely clear answers to quickly answer objections when they arise.


  1. Ask for the decision

One of the most important habit is to ask the customer to make a buying decision. It doesn’t matter if you gave the best presentation or how high the level of trust and credibility you established with your customer. Making the buying decision remains a tensed moment for both parties. This is the tough part as you need to move rapidly and professionally through that stressful moment by asking for the order in a confident, professional manner before wrapping up the sale.

Sales leaders always plan their closes in advance. They are constantly looking for buying signals from the customer, asking questions to make sure there are no more objections and then ask for the customer to take action now.


  1. Ask for resales and referrals

Lastly, successful sales professionals have the habit of asking for resales and referrals from all their customers. They know that every person they talk to has a network which could benefit them. Therefore, they make sure to give the best service to their customers and ask for referrals to similar prospects. In this way, a continuous stream of new customers constantly come from referrals due to satisfied customers. In fact, thinking in terms of resales and referrals is a winning habit leading to high profitability.



Following these million dollar habits can greatly impact the sales growth of any business. The key lies in developing those habits by constantly keeping them in mind during the sales process. An efficient sales training can also be a good way to make sure your team follow those practices. Through training and development, salespeople are more likely to develop certain disciplines in the way they work and therefore achieve more positive outcomes.