Fundamental elements of the most effective Sales Training

A sales team has the capacity to either improve or mess up your bottom line. To ensure that your sales team is performing well, the best initiative you can take is providing them with the right skills and knowledge. Having an innovative and engaging sales training program in today’s evolving and competitive markets, can help you make a difference and achieve competitive advantage.

The performance of your sales team will directly influence your sales growth, leading to more progress in your organization. Economic instability, varying market factors, as well as more informed buyers and customers have made it more challenging than ever to sell. This explains why more and more companies are investing in sales training. Yet, the challenge lies in finding the right sales training solution, adapted to your organizational goals.

If one of your objectives is to build an efficient, results-oriented sales team that reaches top sales results, consider these fundamental elements needed for an effective sales training: 

  • Invest in an innovative sales training program

Due to digitalization, many global organizations are opting for eLearning solutions to train their employees because of its practicality, flexibility and accessibility. In fact, new technologies has reshaped learning largely and it has transformed traditional learning into a much a profound and interactive approach. A report by Docebo E-learning market trends & forecast 2014 – 2016 showed that the growth of the eLearning industry has been up to 900% since the year 2000 and according to Ambient Insight 2012 – 2017 Worldwide Mobile Learning Market, 42% of companies said that eLearning has led to an increase in revenue.

Let’s take for example the sales training provided by Sales Academy. Its mission is to help you train your global sales team through an internal academy within your organization, set according to your business objectives. Modern training solutions such as scenario-based video training proves to be more engaging and encourages employees to complete their courses. Therefore, they are more likely to apply their knowledge and skills actively in their day-to-day jobs. Sales Academy’s digital learning techniques are based on the latest methods of creating long-term memory, and the ability to apply knowledge in real tasks. 

  • Customized Learning Plan for learners

Customized learning plans are presently dominating the eLearning industry. Organizations are looking mostly for eLearning content that is adjusted to what is required to the role of the employee. It is no longer the days when the same training is provided to all the employees. Today, things has changed largely due to digital learning.

Organizations no longer want to allocate similar learning plans to all employees.  It is important to keep in mind that if the sales training program does not catch the salespeople’s attention from the beginning, they will lose their focus and interest in the training. This is why organizations should make sure not to miss the step of analysing where employees need improvement prior to providing the training.

  • Remove communication roadblocks

One of the most effective ways to ensure the successful transition of your employees into a powerful agile sales team is by encouraging feedback from all channels on a daily basis. The key is to make your sales team members feel that their opinions are valued by encouraging them to communicate more. For instance, ask salespeople about their training courses and help them place it within the context of their jobs, aligned with the overall objectives of the organization. In this way, you make it easier for them to open up to you regarding any issues or suggestions they may have concerning the training and allows you to track their productivity without being overbearing and aggressive. 

  • CRM Training

Handling the CRM system efficiently is a key skill for salespeople. It is important to provide CRM training that is explicit to your organization. Salespeople have to understand how to put new entries into the CRM, utilize the search function, and enter new data on existing accounts. To add more enthusiasm to CRM training, consider transforming it into a game. Divide your trainees into groups, asking them to locate information from the CRM. Even a prize can be given to the winning team. 

  • Track Progress

Digital learning allows learners and managers overseeing them to track their progress compared to the competences they need. This is one of the most useful features that eLearning can offer. Just one click is required for learners to have access to their overall performance. In this way, they get a 360 degree view on their progress. Employees are therefore more motivated to do well and earn their valuable certifications at the end of their program. Besides, learners are independent and more responsible due to the absence of tutors. 



No matter how challenging it seems to boost your sales performance, there is always room for improvement if you have the right elements in your sales training. Keeping your sales team engaged and enthusiastic has a lot to do with how leaders manage their teams. From training your employees to rewarding them, the aim is to make the best out of your team.


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