Frequently Asked Questions

Off course. We will take care of the generic best sales practices, using e-learning that is fun and more effective than classroom training. We can add your documents to the Academy, which your people can access anytime anywhere. We still recommend you to complement those with virtual or face-to-face classes.

Depending on the number of learners, your own academy will cost 200 – 600€/USD per learner, to access the largest catalog in market with high-impact e-learning more effective than classroom! For more than 1000 learners, call us.

From 1 day to 6 weeks depending on customization

Many types of sales training exist for individuals, but having a corporate academy brings many important advantages to both learners and organizations.

A good corporate academy is an affordable way to get high quality training, designed for the specific roles in your corporation, and given in a non-academic way. It means your team will all speak the same language. It also means that you can track and compare the progress of team members.