Program Management and Support Services

A bedrock of successful sales training is high-quality courses. Equally important are the program management services and support that make it all happen. They ensure that learners get the most from their designated training & education pathway.

Pro-active learner support

Unlike other E-learning providers, Sales Academy will actively support and follow-up learners.
Like our High-Impact E-learning, this is one of our unique differentiators that ensures learners are trained according to the agreed schedule. We have a great multilingual support team, dedicated to making learning an engaging and effective experience for our customers.

The support team has 2 simple measurements:

  • Adoption rate: Percentage of learners that has effectively completed the courses. The team reaches an unsurpassed 99% adoption rate. 3 times higher than market average!
  • Customer Satisfaction: Percentage of satisfied learners & management. We deploy a range of support services to help students and to take the hassle - of training execution and follow-up - out of the hands of management.

Learning & Development Program Manager

The Learning & Development program manager will structure and make learning in your organization more effective. They liaise as an internal consultant with individuals, managers, and directors to collect, find and propose solutions to training needs. Existing and company-specific material, as well as existing and new training providers, can be integrated into an overall and comprehensive program. Once structured training processes are embedded, the L&D program manager will often be replaced by a remote support activity.

Learning Management System

A Learning Management System is a  software tool for the administration, documentation, tracking, and reporting of all your training and learning hours. This includes E-learning, classroom learning, online events, and training content. It also includes the creation of assessments, adding internal documents… We provide one of the most user-friendly LMS tools on the market. It has won many distinguished awards. Although an LMS is a tool, we also see it as a service to centralize and track all the training provided to your company. We can either set up and manage the LMS for you or we can train you how to use it independently.

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