7 Creative Sales Prospecting Ideas to Try in 2020

Relying on the same sales prospecting methods without trying anything new will make you miss great opportunities. It is certain that creating a sustainable sales funnel takes dedication, research, and an understanding of exactly what kind of customers you’re trying to connect with. Companies need to refine their prospecting strategy by focusing only on prospects that fit their target audience.

It is a challenge to identify and connect with top prospects. Thinking out of the box and having a creative approach as far as your sales prospecting techniques are concerned, can help you stand out from the competition and make a lasting connection with the right audience members.

Here are some creative prospecting ideas that can help you grow your sales in 2020:

  1. Build up a sales professional network.
  2. Show up at events and trade shows.
  3. Be more active in social media groups.
  4. Grow an online presence.
  5. Reach out with more videos.
  6. Propose free consultations.
  7. Stay connected with cold or warm leads.


Build up a sales professional network.

It is inevitable for your customers to buy from other companies, despite having a broad range of products/service. Such companies might not be your direct competitors. However, they still operate in your same space and industry. Since you share many of the same prospects, it is a good strategy to stay in tune with the sales teams at these organizations to help you identify strong potential clients faster.

This can be done by creating a network of sales professionals, which will allow you to prospect faster and cut down on the amount of time you need to find, qualify, and nurture an individual. In this way, sales professionals within your network will also gain access to your client pool, improving their sales process as well. Besides, you can identify products or service solutions your top prospects might purchase alongside your product and reach out to sales professionals at those organizations to get your network started.


Show up at events and trade shows

Another way to attract prospects is through trade shows, conferences, or even events hosted by your clients and customers. This can help you connect with other high-quality prospects who need your products and services. Take advantage of such events to build a stronger relationship with customers who have already purchased from you, encouraging them to come back for more.

Remember not to pitch your products or services immediately when attending events. It is wiser to spend some time getting to know potential customers and collect contact information so you can get in touch later.


Be more active in social media groups.

Nowadays, a quick social media search will provide you with digital conferences, events, and groups that allow you to make strong connections. For instance, Facebook and LinkedIn groups can both help you familiarize to new networks of individuals all across the country and also provide an inside look at the questions, challenges, or needs your target audience has.

The key is to avoid spamming but get to know different group members first and once you’ve established trust and credibility, you can offer your products or services in a helpful and respectful manner. Try participating in conversations to provide significant information, especially when it isn’t related to the products and services you offer.


Grow an online presence.

Through sales prospecting, you need to build trust with potential buyers. For this to happen, you need to develop a presence where they can become familiar with your name, face, and messaging. This can be done through Social media, including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, which will help you establish a personal and professional brand that helps you make connections faster.

By actively sharing content, engaging in conversations and connecting with potential customers, prospects will understand who you are and what you offer before your first conversation. A good idea is to focus on social sites where your prospects are active.


Reach out with the help of videos.

Phone calls and email prospecting methods have been used for years. These methods can still be effective but due to the evolving technology, you need more than that to reach out to potential customers. The use of videos have now become prevalent. It improves engagements and click-through-rates compared to text-based content alone.

For example, simple introductory messages can be shared across social media platforms or on a company website and are relatively easy and inexpensive to create. Besides, product demonstrations or overviews are also a great way to improve engagements. Try to get creative about what you share, how you share it, and who you send it to. It is essential to pay close attention to the information your audience is connecting with and adjust your video strategy to provide them with what they need.


Propose free consultations.

Very often, customers are hesitant to engage with sales professionals. They might feel pressured when a salesperson is trying to close a deal and they may not believe the product or solution will really fit their needs.

An effective way to get over this issue is to offer free consultations, which will help prospects better understand the product or service. This will help to establish trust and position you as an expert in the space. However, a free consultations only need to be about 20-30 minutes and can give you a full understanding of the prospect’s needs.


Stay connected with cold or warm leads.

Let’s face it, every lead you connect with will not ultimately become a prospect and customer. Sometimes the lead just doesn’t have the capacity or interest to buy. However, if you’re able to reconnect at the right time, that lead may transition into a high-quality, viable prospect.

It is essential to maintain some kind of connection with both cold and warm leads. You could opt for a low-touch campaign that keeps them engaged and encourage them to reach out if they’re ever in need of your products or services. But, remember not to spam them.  Instead, try to identify the reasons why your leads may not be engaging, then develop a campaign to stay connected that addresses those needs. In the end, you may be surprised at when a lead decides they’re ready to take the next step.



A little creativity in your prospecting techniques goes a long way. In fact, there is no right way to connect with your sales prospects. It all depends on engaging in a way they find interesting. In order to do this, you need to get to know your prospects, the challenges they face, and what catches their eye.

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