Creating and training the Sales Leaders of the future

Sales training is more essential than ever in the evolving corporate world., The challenge is to find a sales training program which will help achieve corporate sales goals. An effective training and development program is needed to develop strong sales leaders since the role requires a set of important skills. Managing a sales team involves spending time coaching, forecasting, planning, and recruiting. Sales managers are the backbone of the sales team and their leadership is what will push and lead the way for sales representatives to achieve their quota. Research shows that developing sales managers leads to an increase of up to 30% in quota attainment. This is mainly because strong managers are able to attract excellent sales talent and bring out their potential.

The key is to find an effective competence model that can easily and quickly be adapted to meet any large organization’s expectations. For instance: At Sales Academy, the operation team works together with the organization in reviewing the sales roles, to make sure training targets competencies and required proficiency levels aligned with the needs of the business. In other words, the training solutions are corporation-oriented and crafted in a way to help any type of large organization achieve their goals.

Sales Academy’s digital learning techniques are based on the latest methods of creating long-term memory, and the ability to apply knowledge in real tasks. The scenario-based training videos depict real job situations, which prepare employees for future challenges in their job.


Here are some ways in which modern training solutions can help create the sales leaders of tomorrow:

  • Customized Learning Plan for learners

Personalized learning plans are now taking the lead. Content is aligned to what is required for the role of the employee. Through role-based eLearning solutions, employees receive knowledge according to the skills they lack and where they need improvement. Companies and organizations that do not wish to assign a standard learning plan to all learners performing the same role (e.g. all senior sales people), can opt for individual learning plans after carrying out an in-depth assessment of their skills and knowledge.


  • Track Progress

Sales Academy allow learners and managers overseeing them to track their progress  compared to the competences they need. This is one of the most useful features that digital learning can offer. Just one click is required for learners to have access to their overall performance. In this way, they get a 360 degree view on their progress. This allows them to be more motivated to do well and earn their valuable certifications at the end of their program. Due to the absence of tutors, learners are independent and more responsible.


  • Accessibility and Engaging training

Accessibility is one of the major advantages of digital learning.  E-learning materials can be accessed by the workforce anytime anywhere. Through eLearning, employees are able to learn at their own pace. This has a positive impact on retention and completion rate. Eventually, such practices lead to a more engaged workforce that is more likely to be loyal to their companies. Various studies have shown that organizations can achieve 18% boost in employee engagement by using e-learning technology.


  • Rewards

It is important to acknowledge the accomplishments of employees as this acts as a motivation boost.  The certification offered at completion gives corporations an external benchmark for their internal academy and  represents a win-win situation for both the employer and the staff, leading to the most profitable business outcome.



Implementing a good sales training program will give more positive results. However, for the best payoff, an ideal training strategy should be established in the form of digital learning, which can be tailored to fit the roles of different sales professionals in different organizations. Sales leaders are more likely to perform well when they are given the right information, tools and support to pursue the goals that they need to achieve. It is up to the organization to take the necessary actions to train its salespeople into the sales leaders of tomorrow.

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