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Course Competences

Our extensive experience in the industry is the basis for our knowledge of the competences that sales professionals need. We have designed highly effective training programs to fill skill gaps and improve employee performance to the level needed to succeed. 

Twelve different fields of knowledge and hundreds of titles cover all relevant skills but the important part is identifying which are most beneficial to your company. That is why we build customized training programs that address your organization’s specific needs with personalized skill enhancement plans for your employees.

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Getting Started

Teams will learn the five step sales process: 1) Preparation 2) Prospecting 3) Discovery 4) Solution 5) Closing/Follow up. They will know how to analyze the procurement processes of prospects and clients, as well as successfully conduct and win eAuctions.

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CRM Management

Learners will become experienced in advanced database management activities including account prioritization, contact strategy execution, consistent database cleaning, building relationships with decision makers, advanced-level forecasting, and reviewing database management strategies for effectiveness.

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Teams will discover how to grow a client base and increase revenue, demonstrate your knowledge to high level decision makers, earn referrals based upon service, and convert prospects to meetings in an initial phone call.

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Your teams will develop skills to successfully present to key decision makers, listen to questions and respond appropriately, and change directions if the presentation does not meet client needs.

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Active Listening

Participants will learn effective listening to determine concerns not directly stated and earn client business based upon clear communication and trust.

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In these courses, participants will learn to conduct all phases of the negotiation process successfully while negotiating with key decision makers, high level clients, and difficult clients.

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Your employees will learn how to conduct all phases of the closing process effectively with a high win rate, including with key decision makers.

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Account Management

At the end of this course, learners will be able to successfully transfer client accounts from the sales team to the account management team, retain revenue through quarterly business reviews, and to create cross selling and upselling opportunities.

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Meeting Management

Your employees will become proficient in meeting management skills to conduct them in a way that meets or exceeds the desired objectives. Effectively lead a meeting with key decision makers on a regular basis.

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