Sealing the Deal

One of the most important stages of selling is closing the deal. With buyers more cautious than ever, salespeople need to have an arsenal of closing techniques if they’re going to win more deals. The sales process is a tedious one; researching prospects, building rapport and understanding a prospect’s unique needs – in the end, it all leads to one thing – the close. Indeed, closing a sale is the goal, and if you are good at it, you will be very successful. However, the close is perhaps the most challenging aspect of the sales process. That is why salespeople need an effective training to gain the vital skills for closing deals efficiently.

The course topics at Sales Academy include:

  • Closing Essentials - The course is designed to provide learners the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively perform beginner level activities such as providing relevant updates and creating urgency.
  • Making the Transition - a novice level course designed to help learners who are proficient in basic skills become familiar with additional approaches to making the Transition. The course teaches learners how to identify when to initiate the transition from negotiation to closing.
  • Asking for Business - an intermediate level course intended to provide learners with the core skills necessary to effectively perform closing. The course teaches the skills necessary to maximize relationships by asking for Business.
  • Deciding Your Close Type - a practically oriented course designed to provide learners with real-time skills necessary to perform closing skills at a high level by Deciding Your Close Type. The course teaches learners concepts that can be applied to the daily routine to immediately impact productivity.
  • Embrace the No - an advanced level role based course designed to help learners develop the precise skills necessary to conduct closing by Embrace the No. Upon completing the course, learners will know how to embrace the no to progress their accounts at a high level.

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