Listen to your Customer

Selling necessitates the utilization of all our senses. Active listening is especially important in the sales world. That's because prospects are often ignored or talked over because the focus is on making the sale, not the person making the purchase. Active listening is a communication technique that helps increase understanding and rapport between a speaker and a listener.  When salespeople show that they value the prospect's needs and opinions, it is far easier to build trust and ensures that the conversation results in a mutually-beneficial experience.

In fact, listening is a learned and practiced skill that will open up new selling opportunities that you may have never noticed. Practicing active listening in sales allows you to receive and process valuable information that might have been missed or neglected otherwise. So, invest the time needed to sharpen your listening skills. Sales Academy ensures that your active listening skill is sharpened through its course.

You need to remember that when speaking with a client, you will not learn anything from listening to yourself talk. Besides, everyone wants in a conversation is to be heard and acknowledged. Take note what happens when you give someone the gift of your attention and listening. They will want to reciprocate.

So, were you formally trained to listen? Chances are your answer is no. Very few of us were formally taught effective listening skills. 

At Sales Academy, our courses are designed to provide the learner with skills and knowledge to:

  • effectively perform beginner level active listening activities such as deferring judgment and crafting appropriate responses.
  • ask strategic questions to gain insight on key points and keep clients engaged.
  • maximize relationships by using and understanding body language.
  • perform active listening skills at a high level by reframing key points.

learn how to provide feedback.

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