5 Tips for Lead Generation on Social Media

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Has your work environment shifted from the office to your living room because of COVID-19? If you’re like most sales professionals, you’ve probably been seeking unique ways to keep business running as smoothly as it was before the worldwide pandemic. One useful resource for lead generation is social media. LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are communities to continue building rapport, making them excellent platforms to connect with prospects. Try these five tips to generate leads on social media. 

  • Tracking analytics through your business page

Review the analytics from the business profile page on Instagram or Facebook to track how many people are clicking, saving, liking, or commenting on posts. This will help know which content is reaching your audience. Also, for your next post, experts say that images or videos with faces typically get the most interaction. 

  • Post articles that create conversations

Use your social media platform to begin a dialogue. Post articles related to your industry. Caption your post with a question to invite responses from your followers. Engage in conversation in the comments and direct message anyone who notes interests. For example: If you’re hosting a virtual webinar about buying real estate, share relevant images of the property on your social media account. Caption it with “Who else is fascinated by historic homes?”. Respond to those who comment and privately message anyone who might be a potential buyer. 

  • Use surveys to pinpoint individuals who need what you’re selling

On a similar note, try posting surveys to your social media account regarding a product or service you’re selling. These answers from your social media followers will give you a more specific way to determine which individuals could be prospects. 

  • Search for keywords or hashtags

This strategy is particularly effective on Twitter but works on all social media platforms. Search for specific topics related to your business and respond to posts. People are often voicing questions using these keywords and hashtags. Searching for specific keywords can be a great way to find prospects and quickly build trust by demonstrating your knowledge. 

  • Post in the morning

Do you start your day with a scroll through your social media platforms? Experts say most of us immediately look at our phone upon waking up. Post on social media early in the day when people are motivated, alert, and responsive. 

Use these five lead generation tips to start connecting with your prospects today!

About the author:

Alan Faulk is the Head of Sales Academy. His team built the entire suite of available sales content used by our clients worldwide. His background began in Human Resources, then Sales, became a National Leadership & Performance Coach for a 500-member department across the US, and even successfully helped run two businesses as a Vice President. His main goal is to help guide people towards action.  He’s not one to sit on the sidelines and enjoys helping others jump into the game of life and reach their maximum potential. He currently lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with his wife, Katie, and his two boys, Jayden and Tristan. You will find them arguing why they can’t eat mac ‘n cheese every night or in the gym.

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Kishan Kanodia is a Digital Marketing Manager at Procurement Academy
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