4 Tips to make a Virtual Meeting as good as a face-to-face meeting

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If you’re like most sales professionals, you know that you’re able to easily turn prospects into clients when you’re sitting face-to-face. However, more meetings are taking place on FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, or GoToMeeting. It’s challenging to engage with prospects, making client acquisition more difficult. So how do we get the same results we were able to accomplish in-person through a computer screen? Here are 5 tips for better prospect engagement during a virtual meeting to help you turn your prospect into a client.  



  • Get personal – leave your camera on and ask prospects to do the same


Email your prospects before a call to explain that you’ll be on camera and hope they will be too. This sets the expectation that you intend to have an intentional dialogue during your meeting. Establishing a professional tone even over Zoom can change the trajectory of a prospect meeting. 



  • Look at the camera, not the screen


Look at the camera, rather than the screen. It seems simple, but what a difference it can make. While we’re trying to connect by looking directly into a prospect’s eyes on our screen, it seems to them as though our gaze is distracted. By looking directly into the camera, it appears to our prospects that we’re making eye contact. Studies show that direct eye contact increases trust between individuals. Your eye contact will make a prospect feel that you’re hearing and understanding them, even through a screen. 



  • Ask your questions to connect


Experts say that getting to know prospects on a personal level will increase their desire to connect with us. We can use common interests or mutual acquaintances to communicate on a more human level. Leave room for your prospect to do most of the talking and use follow up questions to express interest. These types of questions make a pitch feel more like a conversation. Try posing some of the questions below:


“How are you coping with social restrictions?” 

“What does a typical workday look like for you?” 

“What habits have you found that help you during this pandemic?”



  • Talk to your prospect, not your PowerPoint


While we want to give our prospects detailed information about what we can offer them, it’s far more challenging to maintain their interest while presenting. Screen-share your PowerPoint so that your client can follow along and most importantly, avoid reading the text on your presentation. Narrow your presentation information down to short bullet points and try adding in personal anecdotes to prevent losing the attention of your prospect. Remember: Less is more!

Online meetings don’t have to prevent you from hitting your quotas. Prospects are often more inclined to jump on a Zoom call than take the time to meet in-person. Remote sales can, therefore, be beneficial to your production numbers. Applying these tips to your meetings with prospects will produce more efficient, connected, and productive interactions while we shift to more online meetings versus face-to-face. 


About the author:

Alan Faulk is the Head of Sales Academy. His team built the entire suite of available sales content used by our clients worldwide. His background began in Human Resources, then Sales, became a National Leadership & Performance Coach for a 500-member department across the US, and even successfully helped run two businesses as a Vice President. His main goal is to help guide people towards action.  He’s not one to sit on the sidelines and enjoys helping others jump into the game of life and reach their maximum potential. He currently lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with his wife, Katie, and his two boys, Jayden and Tristan. You will find them arguing why they can’t eat mac ‘n cheese every night or in the gym.

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