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Developing and retaining talent has become a top priority for Sales Directors. Sales Academy's online training programs will quickly up-skill sales staff to the required expert level. Courses cover the entire sales cycle, from prospecting to closing, and provide the fundamental skills that every commercial employee should have. Second generation e-learning that is more effective and more liked than classroom training is changing the game! Now you can now roll out high quality learning fast and massively at a fraction of the cost.
And rest assured, your staff will rate the courses highly and will receive - upon successful completion of their plan and assessments - a premium certificate.

Key Features

Sales Academy’s focus is on sales training for corporate sales departments.

High-Impact E-learning

High-Impact E-learning courses guarantee a learning effect that matches that of good classroom training. That is unique and a game changer in the market for corporate sales training.

Role-based Learning

Make learning relevant, and train your staff to what is required for their role, in line with your business challenges and strategy.

Your custom Academy

Your own Academy - set up in a matter of days - designed to structurally train your staff in best practice sales techniques. E-learning, simulations, serious games, webinars ... they're all at your fingertips.

Assessment & Gap Analysis

Online assessments will capture quickly each employee's proficiency level, the basis of their personal learning plan.


Premium, globally endorsed certificates will serve as an external benchmark for your company and a motivational factor for your learners.

Program support

A dedicated support team will guide your learners and ensure the highest course completion rates of your online program.


Radically different for your benefit.

  • High-Impact e-learning and simulations
    Learning effect higher than classroom!
  • Highest course satisfaction rates in the market
    Engaged learners will learn more.
  • Highest completion rate of online programs
    All staff will be talking the same language.
  • Fastest set-up in the market
    Limit your cost and risk. Generate more sales, quicker!
  • Externally audited company
    Premium. Globally endorsed certification will motivate staff.
  • Innovative dashboard. See real time ROI.
    Guaranteed and measurable improvement of sales staff.

Our Customers

Over the last decade, we have gained the trust of more than 150 global organizations, providing them with the highest quality and cost-effective training solutions.

What our learners say

Superior teaching with good examples. Offers great value.


Good courses, great visuals, interactive and flexible to use.


Easy to follow, hands-on with very good tips. Covers exactly all needs of my function.


I loved the examples and hands-on approach. An immediate take-away!


Excellent content. Good refreshment. Overall, a very positive experience.


Outstanding training with good content, very practical and entertaining.


Strong visuals, practical, excellent content and recognizable scenario’s.


The pronunciation is clear, which makes it easy to listen too. The courses are very useful and relevant to my job.


I like the clarity of each lesson taught. The summaries and illustrations make the courses vivid and easy to follow.


I am very impressed with the videos. I really enjoyed them and now have a deeper understanding of the content.


About Us

Sales Academy is all about sales competence development for corporations: we train your staff to what is required for their roles … using hands-on, world-class content and courses. 

Our Team

We have grown rapidly and are now 50 people strong with over 150 blue chip customers

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Our Offices

Headquartered at the Corda Campus in Hasselt, Belgium, a leading international campus in the fields of technology, high-tech, IT and media.

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